Karen Beth on StarDance Recordings. New-Age folk musician, songwriter, and performer.


Thanks for visiting my web page. Though I would prefer to be speaking with you in real space, cyberspace will have to do.

I'll briefly tell you about my music... it comes from my heart and spirit, hopefully to be received by your heart and spirit. In one of my earliest interviews, I said I hope my music brings comfort and joy to people. And that is still my wish.

On my records and at concerts I accompany myself on synthesizer along with guitar, banjo, accordion, and lap harp.

On my Recordings page, you'll find information about my six recordings, along with some song samples I hope you'll listen to. You'll read about my songbook for women's choruses, "Songs of Womanspirit" on the Songbook page.

I've been very fortunate to have wonderful musicians adding their talents to my recordings, including Layne Redmond (frame drummer and author of the book "When the Drummers Were Women"), John Hall (guitarist for Orleans), Cyndi Cashdollar (slide guitarist featured on Bob Dylans' recording, "Time Out of Mind"), and Jay Unger (fiddler, "The Civil War" series for PBS).

I love recording, being in the studio, arranging the songs, gathering the musicians, working on the art (I've taken a number of my own self-portrait photographs), hearing the songs I've written over the years fluidly change as different musicians add their magic. Some songs I've recorded solo, as that seemed the best way to preserve their integrity. On others I've added many voices, many textures.

I'd love to hear from you. Please sign up for my mailing list or contact me by e-mail or write to me at Stardance Recordings.

I once said that a song doesn't seem finished to me until it's shared with others, either in concert or on recordings. I thank you for helping me complete my songs.

"By jove I think she's got it!"
John Lennon